High Roller Whitetails has been breeding Whitetail Deer at it's Center, Texas facility for over 15 years. Texas breederJames Butler takes pride in producing consistent and predictable results by breeding top-quality bucks with top-producing does.

By investing in the best genetics available in the Whitetail Deer industry nationwide, High Roller Whitetails has developed a herd that feature some of the best Whitetails on the planet. James Butler, who manages the breeding program, hand selects these crosses to produce outstanding deer with a variety of traits such as tine length, inside spread, droptines and rack symmetry.

With Consistency and Predictability, the herd continues to develop and our does continue to produce. To see our premier breeders, head on over to our Breeder Buck page.

~ James Butler


Big Buck Draft - A TX Whitetail Breeding Event